Friday, November 6, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

Last night Landice was swinging on her tummy and had twisted the swing up tight so she could spin around. I heard her start screaming and saw noone around to inflict her pain. I quickly realized that she had whacked her head on the base of the swing set. Later, when her Daddy got home she told him very matter of factly, "Daddy, My head hit me on my face and I had to put ice on it."

This morning the kids were walking around playing with a little bucket and some change. While trying to keep HAyden from swallowing a dime, I overheard Landice say, "Here's your money!" and Corban replied, "No, this isn't a church!"

Later in the conversation, I overheard Corban say "No, the church is closed...sorry!"

Corban has decided that when he gets a spanking he needs to cover his ears so he can't hear it!

Corban has informed me that only Carebears have hearts on their bottoms.

Landice has informed me that she is big enough to poop by herself, but I have to help her.

Hayden has informed me that no matter what I say he is going to pull a "defy and grin" scheme and if that doesn't work then he will curl his bottom lip so far under while crocodile tears pour from his baby blue's. I can't help but chuckle around the corner while watching him when his siblings are in time out too. He will go stand by them and fake cry in timeout with them. They get possessive of their timeout and tell him to go away.

Never a boring moment in our house...


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Fun'll be glad you wrote it down to share with them in a few years!

Amber said...

Oh boy, Elizabeth! We had the same problem with Kate when she was younger. She would go stand by here sisters in the corner, or just randomly go put her nose in the corner sometimes. Of course, we laughed. Now she gets put in the corner as punishment, but it doesn't work too well. She thinks she's pretty cute. She will even do something naughty and run over to stick herself in the corner on her own. Apparently the 3rd child is meant to be a challenge!