Friday, November 13, 2009

Sam's Club will never be the same!

I will say that dragging all three kids to this wonderful "buy in bulk" playland at 1:30 pm without naps, no pacifier and having just eaten an Arby's lunch in the back of the minivan was not my brightest moment. But, we survived to tell a few stories. Just to procrastinate a little bit longer on a project I need to finish and to change things up a bit I will present this in a bullet point fashion...yeahaw!

* Corban was an angel helper most of the time when he wasn't using the grocery cart like a surfboard or begging for a monster box of fruit snacks.

* Landice told everyone in the store our names, DOB, and bank account number

* Hayden smashed our wheat bread into a ball, no wait two balls because it came two to a bag.

* Hayden tried to latch on to any cart within his arms reach. We got lots of dirty looks. Funny how things change when you have 3 crazies in your basket instead of just one little cutie pie.

* Hayden left a trail of fruit snacks throughout the store.

* Corban told one of the ladies handing out free food, "Maybe next time you will have a snack just for me."

* Ran into a lady we go to church with and she was patient with Landice as she asked her what her name was about 15 times.

* As usual, I picked the slowest line possible. The young gal was so excited to see us that she did NOT make eye contact the whole time, she did NOT wait for me to get boxes to put my junk in. Instead, she piled it up and it started falling on the floor. I had to ask her to hand me stuff so I could place it in the basket and make sure Hayden didn't just throw it right out on the floor. She gave me a nice eyeroll and help the objects out very lazily and at arms length as if she could catch some disease from us. I was so frusterated at her, but I decided NOT to go find her manager and complain as I know everyone has a bad day. It took everything I had not to tell her I hoped she had a better day so she could do a better job. I think it helps to have little eyes always watching.

* While doing the routine exit we saw a nice crack that would have made it on Wal-marts People list. How did he NOT feel a draft?

* Salvation Army guy leans down and pokes Corban in the belly and says, "You being a good boy." Why do complete strangers feel they have the right to invade our personal space?


The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I don't think the check out lady has any kids. If she had kids she should be able to understand your situation.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That is the reason my kids have not been to the grocery store with me in years...LOL

No, actually, we slowly introduced it back in when they were in elementary school to try to teach them math skills.

I know it's stressful!

Michelle said...

I'm worn out just reading it :) Some day you will look back on this posts and just laugh, laugh, laugh :)

Kayla said...

That is why I send Wes to do the shopping on Sunday's during naptime!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Ugh. I could just go shake that cashier for you. Good job being patient. I am so sick of sassy store workers.
Thanks for the chuckle.

Lisa said...

This is hilarious!! Thanks for making me laugh as usual! ha!