Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fan-tAsterisk Tuesday...What a great day!

*Slept in til 8:20am.
**Kid's dropped off at school, went for my 3 mile run.
***Perused Hobby Lobby for an hour, got a game plan for curtain fabric for Landice's room
****Went home showered, did Bible study (it has been 5 days since I had sat downto do it...much needed)
*****Lunch with Heidi at Inspirations, loved the Blue Sapphire tea!
******Picked kid's up
*******Went home and we made granola bars & Natalie's fruit popsicles together
********Hayden & Landice were in a competition to see who could go to time-out the most - They tied 4-4!
*********Talked with Amanda on the phone and was uplifted by our conversation
*********Cooked Beef & Walnut StirFry for dinner
***********Got a call from Joshua saying he was held late at work and I needed to bring the kid's with me to the gym so we could trade out
************Heard phone numbers being dialed and Corban saying "9-1-1. Yeah, that's right!" I told him that "9-1-1 is only for an emergency." He said, "Well, this is an emergency!" I said, "What is the emergency?" He said, "We just have one, it's important!" I told him, "The only times you call 9-1-1 is if you can't wake Mommy or Daddy up, if there is a fire, or someone is hurt REALLY bad!" Now I am nervous how he is going to translate that. I sure hope he doesn't come down at 2 am and try to wake us and then go call 9-1-1!
**************Great group training tonight...I think they still like me...maybe!
***************At home blogging all by myself while Joshua helps Nana & Papaw with some taxes or something.
Thank you God for a great day!!!!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Everyone once in a while that happens...what a blessing!