Sunday, February 7, 2010


For those of you who keep your scrapbooking up to date, I applaud you. I am SO FAR BEHIND! I don't even have Corban's first year completed. This severely stresses me out so much so that I can't even begin to get organized. Here is part of my problem:

a) I have all the stuff and space to do it, but I can't find/make the time with all of my other activities/duties.

b) I don't like being so far behind, but I like doing things in chronological order so I don't miss anything.

c) Keeping up with my blog helps some, but also hinders me from actually making time. WEll, that and FB, but that is a different topic. I justify these two activities so I can keep family updated that lives far away.

d) We bought a used Mac so I can organize/store all of my pictures on it. I have been importing pictures and I am currently to 2006. I love the Mac because I can tag pictures and it makes different folders for each person or family that I tag them with. It doesn't take long and it makes for easier sharing to other websites.

e) I work all day long to try to keep the house to a reasonable level of "clean" and I don't like leaving stuff out to work on for an extended period of time. If I do then I will avoid it because I have so much other stuff on my plate.

f) I have added doing our finances to another part of my responsibilities and I am terrible at it. I don't understand why I have to put everything in 3 different locations just so I can know how, where, & why things are happening with our money. Ah...the joy's of living with a CPA. I have been so spoiled and I realize this when I throw my ridiculous fits of frustration Joshua just looks at me like I am the saddest person on the planet, and then Corban writes me notes that say, "Mommy, you have to obey." But, Hey! I have come a long way...When Joshua and I met I didn't know how reconcile or balance my bank statement.

g) You can add your reasons for not getting your scrapbooking/picture organizing done...

I am done with my procrastination now...


the.fortes said...

I am with ya! That is why I decided to do Cole's first year and then I quit. Now we are doing photobooks on Snapfish and Shutterfly. I want to do digital scrapbooking when it isn't so expensive. I may just do photoshop 12 x 12 collages since i have gotten better with it. But, I hear you! I hate the mess and I don't have a lot of time. The little time I do have I would rather do other things (or would rather not add getting all the stuff out and then putting it back).

Kelli said...

Me too! I am still on Kaden's first year too and just thinking about it makes me anxious. I have just started digital scrapbooking. It isn't as much of a mess, and is faster. But, I still am not finding time for it. I am going on a girls scrapbook trip later this month - so hopefully, I can get a good start then. I might need some hints on organizing my pics on my Mac.

Another thing. Some of the blog websites have an option where you can turn your blog into a scrapbook and order copies. I don't think blogger is yet. but, I am hoping in the future that will be a possibility. That way each of my kids can have that - which in a lot of ways might be better then a scrapbook - filled with lots of my thoughts and our daily life.

Alyssa said...

You can do it! I'm a chronological scrapbooker too. Go Elizabeth go!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sorry, I don't have any words of wisdom for you...if you saw one of my recent blogs, I was scrapbooking 2004!

I was doing pretty well until #2 was born, that's when I got behind. But what I did do was use pocket pages, and at least we could look at the photos in order. Slowly I converted the pocket page albums to Creative Memories ones with my journaling. Of course this was before digital!

I got double prints of everything except vacations, so that someday I can make albums for my kids as well. But for now I have family life albums up to 2005 and vacation albums are current ( they are so much more fun!)

Another thing I would recommend is a plastic storage container with each kid's name on it. Make sure you have their name and date on the back of their papers and artwork so you know in the future what age, etc. Even if you never get some of that in a scrapbook, you can go thru the box with them and reminisce!

Maybe that's basic suggestions, but you never know. I have done a few of those Shutterfly books for special occasions.

Good luck!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Scrapbooking came along when my middle one was a baby. Since I sew and quilt I decided not to start scrapbooking. My kids will get a stack of quilts, a box of pictures and several CD's or DVD's when they leave home.

I've heard you can get your blog put into a book format. I just haven't looked into that yet, but would like to do that.

Jemma is into scrapbooking. I can always hope she will do everything for me.