Friday, February 26, 2010

Time away from FB allows more time for...

...Blogging, of course. I have been checkine Google Big of a NERD am I?!

...reading a whole book this week. I realized that the last two books I have checked out of the library are written in LARGE PRINT! Maybe I should get my eyes checked soon...however, I found it funny that the emblem signifying the book being LARGE PRINT is written in fine print! HMMM... the house again before the weekend is here...even started doing some more laundry

...playing video games with Corban. I don't like playing video games, but I do it for my kid. And no, I don't have a goat, people!

...taking an afternoon bath while the kid's napped/had quiet time only to be interrupted by a kid who hurt his knee trying to climb into his brother's crib while he was napping...

...answering our home phone (which I do not have any earthly idea what the number is)

...Talking to a lady from Georgia on our home phone that is looking for a "Brother J. Mullins, who is a pastor for an Episcopalian church." She said, "Well, I am looking for a church for my son to attend in the OKC area that won't care what he wears to church." I could have easily said she had the wrong number from the get go, but she was truly looking for a church home for her son. I told her that we worshipped at Memorial Road church of Christ and we don't care what people wear." She asked, "Well, what is your pastor's name?" I told her, "Our minister is Mark Taylor" and she politely hung up the phone with me. I think she was looking for a pastor...

...pouting over my joints not wanting to cooperate during my training for this marathon. Now my hip is disagreeing with me. *Sigh*

...putting on 2-3 lbs. eating chocolate easter eggs during my pouting and add insult to injury, my oldest asked me, "What happened to all the chocolate eggs in that bowl?" I said, "Do you really want to know?" He said, "Yes!" "Okay, well I ate them." He exclaimed, "ALL of THEM!"

...going to bed at a decent hour...I feel so rested this week!

...focusing on what is important...God, family, friends


Alyssa said...

Sounds like a great week. I should take a time out from FB too.

Heidi said...

Yeah, I like blogs better but get more people with comments on facebook. Keep up the good work!