Thursday, February 25, 2010

Really Late Random Thoughts Thursday

I am sitting here in my OC basketball sweats that I love. Joshua told me looked younger, like I was still in college. Maybe I should wear these more often.

College years...if you knew me then...WOW...I was kind wait, REALLY obnoxious and opinionated. I could burp with the best of them and ornery as all get out. That's all I will say about that because it might lead into a story and I have to protect the innocent :)!

Speaking of innocent. My children are innocent (so far) and I know that I will (and probably already do) embarrass them beyond even thinking about. Am I sorry? Maybe. Depends on the topic. I know I will NOt hear the end of it when they are older. I guess I should remember that they will decide which nursing home I will be captive to.

Captive is such a great word. I really like Captivating too. Not that I use it day to day, but I have to say that the Olympics are pretty darn captivating. I love the discipline and hard work it takes along with the guts to just go for it even if you wipe out on national tv and everyone will replay/discuss/critique/think they could have done it better. Hmmm...which category do you fall under?!

My exercise habits are rubbing off on my children. They have started trying to mimic their t.v. show characters. It is quite hilarious to see Landice & Hayden trying to be a Backyardigan mermaid!

Oh yeah! Corban asked me yesterday if we could do "Naked jumps!" HA! I asked him what that was. He told me we had to get in our underwear and fall on the ground like we do when playing London Bridges. Silly kid!

While making lunch yesterday, I asked the kid's a few jokes. I am a terrible joke teller and getter. I think it may be genetic...

Me:Knock, Knock!
Landice: Who's at the door?

Corban: Why did the chicken NOT cross the road?
Me: Why?
Corban: Because he wanted to go across the bridge that broke and fall in the water below.

I had some really great thoughts for today, but somehow they all escaped my filing cabinet...maybe they will return later! Night all!


Erin said...

I agree - I'm really captivated by Olympics this year. Some people I've talked to said they haven't watched them at all. What?!