Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Random items found while starting a new project...

I am infamous for taking on crazy tasks and insisting on finishing them in record time. I am even more infamous for taking on more than one of those projects. For example, we are making a "Pizza" garden. Which we started this week. I want to have it dug up by Monday before we have our "After EAster" Easter Egg hunt.

The idea is from this cool book from Joshua's cool Aunt Bobbi. She lives in NY! But, that's not the only reason why she is cool...
What is a "Pizza" garden? Well, think of all the ingredients you can put on or use to make a pizza. You name it and we are growing it. From seed, at that! Here is what we have done so far.

Yesterday the kid's flooded the bathroom twice. Hayden had 3 baths. Let's just say this Momma was not a happy Momma.

Today I get a text from Joshua saying that the "kid's need to pick up the toys in the backyard so the yard guys can spray." I laugh. I laugh because I get the text at exactly 9:20 when we are to be leaving for school. I laugh because I just got out of the attic to look for Easter baskets so the kid's could take them to school. I laugh because "the kid's" are not the ones that can cover the lawn mower, move the big playtoy, nor do they pick up all the toys. I laugh because my pilate's teacher calls me and says that there is room for me in a class that I assumed I was already signed up for.

THis morning Corban drove his four wheeler into the garage door because he "didn't want to wait." He is now without his four wheeler for 2 days.

We played "school" yesterday. We colored, we counted, we learned how to tell time with jelly beans as sweet treats. The kid's loved it, however, I did not like my report card. Teacher "Mr. Crazy" as Landice named her dear brother Corban, was very critical of my perfect coloring job. He said, "Well, you didn't color all of the page and you got out of the lines a few times. I think you need to do better." What?! Where did that come from. No, I didn't tell him that mine was better, even though it was. I just bit my tongue. No, he did not hear those words from my mouth either. Interesting...

I told Joshua last night that I need to pull out the parenting books again, but I am exhausted from parenting and want to read for enjoyment, but yet I need some direction...waa waa waa...

I am so ready for this Memorial Marathon. We ran 18 miles last Saturday at 4 in the morning. We are crazy. No, I take that back...we are certifiably insane. So insane that during the run I let someone talk me into doing a triathlon in October. It hurt so good. It's so cool to tackle new challenges during our training. It is worth every bit of the aches and pains. We shall survive...I think.

I am a bit tired of having to hunt all over to find clothes that will fit me. I am thinking I should hire a professional to custom make all my clothes. Anyone up for a challenge?!

As I was peeking in on the kid's while they were sleeping the other night, I couldn't help but pick them up. Except when I went to pick Hayden up, I struggled just a bit. Did he grow over night? Who are these kid's? They kind of look like us, but wow I am not old enough to have 3 kid's. Should you be concerned that I finally feel like a responsible adult now? I know I am...just a little.

I tried a Chai Tea Latte...not a fan.

Ready for my hair to be long again.

My bunion is looking really awesome these days...

Wonders how many women on this earth are actually 100% happy with their bodies...If you are one of them...tell us why. I have pep talks with myself. I tell myself, "God gave me this body. He gave me talents to use. I need to accept what I've got, love it or like it, but don't be negative about it." My daughter is why I have to have a positive self image. We are made perfect through Christ and this earthly body wastes away everyday even though I fight it as best I can. Boy, I can't wait to have a new body in heaven some day!

I treasure getting to spend a sunny spring afternoon at Nana & Papaw's house.

Just overheard this:

Landice: I live in heaven. Yeah, that's why I live in California.
Corban: No, California is too far away.

Corban: I didn't have diaperehea today...did you Landice?
Landice: What is diaperehea?
Corban: It's when your poop is bad.

I love Thursdays!


The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I'm not happy with my body, so I am going to quit reading blogs and go walk right now.

Team Hudkins said...

Were those dinosaur math cards? If they are, we ordered them as well and are really enjoying them. I LOVE the pizza garden idea. And I need to read some parenting books again too. I have about eight more comments but we should probably just get together soon. :)

Kelli said...

I love the Pizza Garden! We are doing a regular garden but a part of it is a Salsa garden. I need to get that book!

Heidi said...

Ha, I love my belly it is the round shape! :) OK, so I love the baby in the belly.

Todd loves Chai Tea.

Josh said...

Why doesn't it suprise me that Todd love Chai Tea?!?

BoggsWifeNMom said...

Girl I think you have a beautiful body... So strong- strong enough to run a marathon, and that is amazing! We must be thankful and remember that God gave us useful legs to run miles, chase our kids, stand firm and guide the way. What a great blessing! Thanks for being an inspiration to me to work harder. And I love the pizza garden!