Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I am having weird dreams about running in the marathon. The first weird dream had us running in Paris and we didn't know which direction to run. So we would have to stop at these triangle shaped gas stations to ask for directions so we would not be fined. We had to pay a dollar every time we stopped and they never pointed us in the right direction. Instead, they gave us these receipts like the one's Homeland gives with fifty-five cent coupons on the backs. And, of course, they weren't valid anywhere we were locally. Come to find out the only reason they were fining people was so they could round up all the French Jews.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that I just finished reading the book Sara's Key, which is about how the French Police rounded up the Jews and put them on trains that were sent to the concentration camps and then to Auschwitz.

Good book, BTW!

My second dream I felt like I had been on a treadmill for 24 hours. Not as detailed as the first but more stressful. Believe you me!

Conversation in the car on the way to church last night:

Corban: Landice, has her thumb in her mouth.
Landice: (In a very growly voice) Quit talkin' bout my PeePee!

I look at Joshua with an shocked expression that said, "What in the world?" And, Joshua then filled me in on the previous conversation that went like this:

Corban: Dad, why does Landice pee her pants?
Joshua: Landice, did you have an accident today?
Landice: No, I didn't!
Corban: Dad, why does Landice sometimes have accidents?
Landice: (Growly voice) Don't talk about my PeePee!
Joshua: She doesn't Corban. She is a big girl and she goes in the potty!
Corban: No she isn't.
Landice: (Louder Growly voice) Quit talkin' bout my PeePee. (Apparently the hick comes out when she gets mad!)

All is okay with the world now that I have been filled in. One can truly misunderstand without key knowledge in some areas of conversation!

This Morning on the way to school I told Corban that we were taking HAyden to the doc after school. He didn't like that and told me that he wanted to be with someone else other than me. I said that I was sorry to hear that and I didn't like him talking ugly to me, then I chose to ignore the rest of his whining and move on to our prayer before drop off at school. Landice led the prayer. Here is sort of what she said:

Dear God,
Thank you for Gigi and Tito cause he's in Texas. Thank you for Nana to feel better and her sister is in HEaven, but Nana feels better cause of her fowlers(flowers). Thank you for Corban and help him not to talk ugly to Mommy. Tell Corban that he has to go to the Doctor with us and he has to do it after school. Help Corban to obey.

Corban: No, Landice you are not the boss.

Dear God,
Tell Corban I am not the boss of him, but he has to obey. Thank you for pink cause I have a pink room. Thank you for my bathroom and my toothbrush and toothpaste. Thank you for my hairbows and I can't reach them right now. Help us to have a good day.


Huge headache the past two days due to very tight neck and back muscles. 1 hour massage with Miguel set ALL things right with the world. No more headache, but found that I had some knots in my butt too. Apparently a pain in the rear can also be a pain in the neck! Who would have thought?!

Today at the doctors office, Hayden frowned and scowled at the doc and pushed his hand away telling him "No!" Somehow I don't think fluid on the ear is NOT contributing to this little man's "King of the world" attitude. I think I am in!!!

It has occured to me that maybe Hayden has been told, "No!" one too many times when he ran up to the neighbors puppy yesterday while it was in mid poop and yelled "No!" while trying to give it a spanking.

Hayden got mad at the same puppy today for biting him when he picked it up by pinching it hair on both sides. He was a little confused as to why it would bite him.

Had my last run before the big race on Sunday. Did I mention that I am freaking out a little bit? I feel ready but for some reason it just doesn't feel like it is here already. It's this big buildup that I feel like I will wimp out on. How can that be?

Surely, we'll be fine...right?! Okay, you're so right...time for some ice cream!


Lisa said...

Ooops! You must not have had any random thoughts today! An empty blog post! :o)

Natalie Hudkins said...

Does Hayden have fluid in his ears? That stinks if he does!!! I know what you mean about the little one being told "no" too much. It's hard on them!

OCdeanwife said...

You are SOOO ready for this marathon -- I think you could do it running backwards! And, you can obviously run it in your sleep too! I'll be waiting at the finish line (at least I hope I am!)

Michelle said...

You are going to do great Sunday! It's going to hurt, but once you see that finish line it's the best feeling in the world!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm nervous too, but only doing the half! You'll be fine once you get started...