Friday, April 9, 2010

That's what she said...

I love spring time. I love how we can see the beauty that God created burst with color. I love talking to the kid's about it and using it as teachable moments. We play a game of "Who can find a Red Bud Tree." We finally got Corban to say "Red Bud" instead of "Red Butt" and now we have two more kiddos adding their own rendition. Miss Landice tells me that she found another "Blueberry bush" and Hayden calls them "Bed Buds." So cute!

Corban: Mom, is that a tree?
Me: No, it's a hibiscus.
Corban: Oh! So will it grow biscuits?!

Yesterday after I picked the kid's up at Day School, Corban and Landice were arguing about who was the boss. It went a little something like this:

Corban: No, Landice. You are not the boss.
Landice: You are not the boss.
Corban: Mom, Landice thinks she the boss of me. Landice is bossy.
Landice: No, I am not bossy. You're bossy.
Corban: Landice, you are not the boss of me. You are just so bossy. Mom, Landice is just bossin' on me.
I couldn't help but laugh and say, "Oh yeah! Is she just bossin' on you?!

Corban and I had a date before church on Wednesday night. He and I went to Jason's Deli while the other three stayed home to get some rest and recover from some allergy junk. On the way, somehow we started talking about Heaven. Corban started to tell me that his gender-confused imaginary grandmother was in heaven, so I used that moment to ask him what Heaven was like. He told me that he didn't know because he hasn't been there, but we need to take our cars and toys there. I took the time to tell him how wonderful Heaven will be and that those things can't go with us. I continued on to tell him that God wants us to want him more than those things so we can go be with him. Corban then started to ask how he would get to Heaven. I told him that when God was thought our job on Earth was done then he would take us up to heaven with us. He said, "Like my Uncle Ryan." I said yes. He asked why Uncle Ryan was in heaven. I told him because God needed him more and because someone else made a bad decision. He asked what happened. I told him that a young woman made a bad decision to disobey the law to drink and drive and she killed Uncle Ryan. He asked if she was in jail. I told him that she went to jail for a while. He asked if she was "being good now." I told him that I hope she is and that we need to pray for her so she can go to heaven too. What a hard conversation to have with my 4 1/2 year old. I never thought I would talk to him about these things this early, but he asks questions that I think will help him understand the importance of choosing God's way instead of our way.

Corban: Mommy, you're not very fast. You only run 20 miles an hour and I am supersonic!

Overheard during Corban's prayer on night: Dear God, Please be with my Daddy and help him to get better at skating so he can beat Mommy. Amen.

Landice while pouring some Gaterade into a glass: I did it all by myself with my Mommy's help!!!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Such sweet moments and I'm glad you take the time to listen and explain things to your kids!

Anna said...

Funny! Claire still insists they are "Red Butts" :) They are her favorite trees!