Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marriage, Corvettes, Trucks, The Red Sea, & Balloons in Heaven

This morning on our way to the gym, Corban asked me,

C: Is 51 old enough to get married?
Me: Yes, it is. I like this much better than him asking me if 16 was old enough to have a baby!
C: Okay, when I turn 51 I am going to buy a Corvette.

Landice chime in now,

L: Can you drive your Corvette in the snow?
C: No, actually you can't. It doesn't drive very well in the snow because it isn't all-wheel drive. But, it does have a big, fast engine.
L: Oh okay, I will drive it!
C: No, Landice, I said ALL WHEEL DRIVE.
L: I know. I will drive it. Yeah!

Corban decides to ignore that last statement to ask me this,

C: Mom, is 61 old enough to get married?
Me: Yes, it is!
C: Okay, when I turn 61 I am going to buy a Corvette AND a truck. And when Nana & Papaw's neighbors finally move to a new home, I am going to buy that house and live next to Nana & Papaw.

Landices starts singing "Moses walked right through the big Red Sea, Moses walked right through the Red Sea, Moses walked right through the Red Sea, Just like God told him too." Corban informs Landice that the version she was singing was the "old way." He told her it goes like this, "Moses walked right through the Blue Sea..." "Yeah, that's the new way!" Of course, she ignored him and kept right on singing it the "Right" way, but this did not deter Corban. So, I definitely got to hear a round of both "new" and "old" sung at the same time. Boy, are they stubborn.

I took the kid's to Chick-fil-A as a treat before we went to the library. The kid's loved it and at the end they each were given a balloon. Sure enough, before we get all buckled in, Hayden's balloon drifts off towards the clouds. Hayden didn't get upset, but Landice was pretty concerned about the demise of the balloon. Corban assured her that she shouldn't worry because "God is in heaven and that God will keep Hayden's balloon for him until he can go visit." ***Sniff, sob, sniff*** Dear God, That Balloon is fine with you and we can wait on seeing it for a while! Thanks, Mommy


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Glad Landice is such a strong little girl!!!