Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day TKO

Last Sunday, I cooked Mother's Day lunch for Joshua's Mom and Nana since they were both going out of town this weekend.

Joshua planned a double date for Mother's Day weekend with Jeremy & Jana. We ate at Avanti's Bar and Grill. Really great food and not so busy which was great for conversation and relaxation.

Dessert at Bravo...

Joshua took the kid's to go Mother's Day shopping yesterday while I headed to the gym. Landice, on her own told her Daddy that she wanted to buy me "fowlers." Corban agreed and told his Daddy to go to Lowes. They picked out 3 different varieties of "Knock Out" Roses for me. They are beautiful.
We watched Corban play a great soccer game. Had lunch at Jason's Deli with my parents after. Planted my roses in my flower beds. Accidental spraying of water hose on hubby caused a protest from onlooking son who's grin riveled the Cheshire cat. Introduced Joshua to the new neighbors and met their kid's ages 3,4,& 12. The other neighbors started pouring out into our yard and the street. Male bonding occured when one four wheeler failed to switch gears properly requiring all 4 men to collaborate with ideas and equipment. Impromtu barefoot soccer match on our front lawn broke out. It was delightfully awesome. The kid's and parents yell "car" as a warning to get their booties out of the street for slow going neighborhood traffic. Container of goldfish sat out as the community snack. Magical. Blessed. Thankful for where God has us in life.

Dinner at Big Truck Tacos to hang out and talk Mexico plans for our girl's trip! Swim Suit shopping...not my favorite thing to do, but somewhat necesarry at this point. Watched Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez in it. Very cute movie. The guy in it reminded me a lot of Joshua.

Today, we went to church at Eastside with my parents. Lunch at Cocina de Mina in MWC...pretty good food.

Landice and I snuggled up in my bed to read blogs and share some Ben & Jerry's Phish food before our nap.

Who's that hiding behind that penguin blankie?

Why my handsome, wonderful hubby doing the laundry of course!

My cup is overflowing. It runneth over completely. Thank you God for my many blessings!


Kayla said...

so I jog/walked a little less than a half a mile!!! I thought you'd be proud...

Wa Wa Waughs said...

yes, it does!