Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Meltdowns

7:30 came too soon this morning. I rolled out of bed, pulled my hair into a pony tail, no wait, redid my pony tail, rinsed off in the shower, threw on some makeup(this is not usual) & some workout clothes. Was greeted by my two oldest and hubby while they ate breakfast and I threw my top in the dryer to get the wrinkles out.

You can tell that I am not a high maintenance person, ha, just kidding.

Folded a load of laundry, put on my shirt so my daughter would quit asking why I had my swim suit on when in reality it was my wonder sports bra.

I seriously love that bra.

No kidding.

It gives me a reason to feel like I should be wearing one. Speaking of bra topics, you should head over to this gals blog.

Made oatmeal for me and other sleepy head youngest child for breakfast. Listened to daughter whine and complain about every.

Kid's already asking what the plan was for our day so they could plan their accordingly. Planners? Schemers? Whatever you want to call them is fine, but this morning was highly annoying.

Grabbed my Bible and prayer journal, which sadly had not been written in since last week. Funny how I start to get to busy for quiet time and then here I am getting annoyed at every.
Seriously though!

Hayden pooped his pants as I was putting him in the carseat. His poops have been absolutly dreadfully, awful. Part of the reason is he ate fondit from a very colorful cake the other day which has turned his poops dark purplish-black, which stains his little hiney. The other part I am not sure about. I have been watching his diet to see if he possibly is allergic to something we eat. He will randomly break out on the backs of his legs and his bottom when he poops.


And gross.

I know.

So, therefore the pooping on top of Landice deciding to change her shoes. Again. Then whining. Again. And the construction on Kelly I wound up being late for work.

Wow. I am sure glad I had a small amount of time with God this morning.

Luckily, I have a great group of ladies who let me take my frustrations out on them by letting me train them once a week!

I kid.


Got in a much needed workout myself. Way to many birthday parties this weekend with some really great cake & ice cream!

Headed to Wal-mart. I know you all think that Wal-Mart is horrible, but it's cheap. And there are cute little older people that are so sweet to my 3 hooligans that beg for more fruit snacks everytime we go.

Home by 12:37 pm. Way past lunchtime for ALL of us. Two decided they needed to poop while I was getting food ready.

Wipe one bottom. Wash hands. Head back to kitchen to finish lunch preparations. Second one beckons for a wiping as well. I slightly had a moment where I told her that I was frustrated by her constant whining.

Seriously, kid's have no idea how to schedule their pooping! And the whining can ALWAYS be a last minute cancelation for me ANY DAY!

Lunch is finished. I am feeling stressed to get all my chores done before I go on my girl's trip to Mexico. I, of course, procrastinate by getting on here and on Facebook.

Priorities are in check.

Actually, writing down what I needed to do on FB helped me to realize that I still have tomorrow to get stuff done too.

Who is this person? I don't recognizer her at all. I use to be the one who stayed up all night working on Comm III papers due that morning!

Progress is good.

Decided to make PW salsa, but yet again I forgot the blasted lime and jalepeno. So, now I am making P-dubs 4th of July Sun Dried Tomato Pasta. Only after I poured the Red Wine Vinegar into the sauce did I realize that it had weird floating pieces in the bottle.

Hmmm....I don't think it will kill us. Do you?

Speaking of Pioneer Woman. At first when all you fellow blogger gals were raving about her, I just didn't quite get what the hype was all about. Slowly but surely, she is now on my blogroll and to be read everyday. She is quite a lady. Not quite sure how she gets it all done. And still looks great!

Anyways, here I am blogging and I really need to change out the laundry again. And I stink. I need to shower and still do 50 other things, but I felt the need to get past that last post of freaky pictures.

Here's to your Monday and may it be productive, patient, & ...


Who am I kidding? It sounded good though, right?!


Samantha said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who struggles with her kids. I had a massive headache today due to a painful neck. This was the day that Daniel decided to scream for 40 minutes instead of taking a nap (he took a nap later in the day).

Do not even get me started on the whining

Michelle said...

We had a whiny day too, and it was related to poop as well. Sophie hates to go and it is always a challenge and big event at the Brown house... more on that later :) I hope it made you feel better getting that all off your chest! And yes there is still tomorrow :) Remember to work in your quiet time and I'm sure your day will be blessed :) Have a great trip~ keep it simple. BTW~ your posts encourage me in many ways.

the.fortes said...

Mondays are bad here. Why? I have no idea. Is it the church schedule that throws them off? Either way, wow. Whining from a child who does not speak yet. There is fun. Whine Whine, jibber jabber, whine! Have a great trip!

Gena said...

Whew. I saw that fb post and thought a little differently about my day. I hope you checked some things off of your list, Mexico mama. :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think you need a MONDAY, NO MAKEUP day. Most of my Mondays are no makeup days, matter of fact! And that means I don't go anywhere. The only thing that gets accomplished is laundry. It's my time to recoup from the weekend. Try it sometime!

The kids are welcome to come check out the treehouse and swim! Or wait till August when Dee gets home!

Kayla said...

I have left everything to do for let my stressing begin...

Heidi said...

Couldn't help but laugh. You said "pooping on top of Landice!" Had to reread that sentence. :) Hope today is better!