Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welp, there goes the crib AND the toddler bed...

I knew this time was coming, but not this quickly or by this way of forced progress. This cute little toot -

-has learned how to crawl/climb/fall/get lots of bruises out of his crib.

Did I mention that I am a firm believer in keeping the kid's in the crib as long as you can - OR - the next babe boots the older one out!

This crib has seen it's last day.

Today, this happened during the daily kicking/screaming/hitting/growling precious angel/devil of mine's nap time fit.

As you can see there is mutual anguish over this way too early milestone.
Ignore the missing sheets from Mr. C's bed as they are in the washing machine and yes, I am too lazy to get another set out.
Mr. H didn't like his mattress pulled up close to his bubba's bed at all...

Shockingly, this is where I found the little guy without having to stand guard over his room! Should I be so bold as to ask for an easy transition to his new big boy bed?! NAh, that would make it way less entertaining for you guys:)!


Heidi said...

You are just so mean to make that kid take a nap! :) JK

Andrea said...

Emily fell out of hers and transitioned so easily to her toddler bed, so it is not out of the question!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

well that will be a fun one for you to tell on him when he's older! Doesn't know his own strength!

Gena said...

That little one is a tank! Unbelievable.