Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment

Great Trip to visit some great friends! All of our kid's are the same ages. The older two are 2 months apart. The second two are 2 weeks apart. The youngest are 5 months apart! It was so nice to visit and hang out with them because we are and will probably always be in the same stage of life with our kid's! God is so good and blesses us with so many great and wonderful Christian families!

Pictures are out of order. Apparently on my 4 day sebattical from Facebook and Blogging, Blogger decided to go and get all fancy on me and Facebook thought I was dead...

Here is Joshua and I on top of The Sandia Mountain...anyone know what Sandia means in Spanish?

Here are us adults. We decided to get a babysitter on the last night and they introduced us to "New Mexican" Mexican food! It was deliciousness! Then we took the Tram to the top of Sandia Mountain.
Beautiful! It was overwhelming to me to realize how BIG God is when we are overlooking a portion of his creation and it is so perfectly designed for our enjoyment!
Tonya and I had a really great time cooking & working out together and just spending time to catch up on life that has happened in one year!
Here are the girls at the swimming pool! I have to say that I love New Mexico because it is so geared towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle! I could totally live there if my husband was not plagued with altitude sickness!
All 6 kid's...Hayden being purposely anti-social!
Here is our rigged up video system that kept the kid's occupied most of the trip!
Grumpy Face
Happy Face
Ornery Face
Ah...there is my sweet boy's face!
I must admit that I am just a big kid and the whole 9 hours home I would try to get the truckers to honk for us! It totally rocked!
We attempted a family photo in front of the New Mexico state line, but some people were a little miffed at the idea and decided to opt out.
So here was our attempt with each you can see Landice is totally digging this...
again...totally digging this...
Friends reunite without missing a step! I love it!

The view from their house! Amazing!!! Every morning we were able to see hot air balloons take off into the sky!
Their beautiful home!
I think this kids is meeting up with Dumb & Dumber...little escapee...
Water park...BTW, if a park charges for a pass and you are from out of town. Try telling the that and maybe they will waive the fee like they did for us! Woohoo!

The trip home was a little less than desirable. Joshua was suffering from Altitude Sickness and I had to drive the entire way back. The night before we left he was feverish, achy, headachy, barfy, and you get the point. A little mountain FYI, to help prevent Altitude sickness allow your body 24 hours to adjust to before an extreme exertion or it WILL worsen the effects of Altitude sickness. We did get to stop and check out the cool cars that were buried in the ground. Did a little graffiti work and busted out of that joint! The kid's loved it!


Samantha said...

Looks like a great trip with family. Shame that Josh got sick, hope that he feels better soon.

Michelle said...

Love NM, we lived there for 1 year and David grew up there. That is great that you were able to go! I hate that josh got sick. I have been there! Eventually you do get used to it. I actually got dehydrated and ended up in the hospital because of the dry heat. The cool nights are so awesome!

Heidi said...

I wouldn't mind being in the the NM moutian area. Then I wouldn't have to drive every year just to ski. :)

Glad you had fun! Hope Josh is feeling better today.

Lisa said...

Great post! As usual, I'm amazed that you already have your pics posted! Looks like a great trip! I lived in NM for 12 years of my life and it is a great state! Looks like a fun time, minus Josh of course! :o) Hope he will be ready for mountain trip #2 coming up soon!!! Can't wait!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Fun times! It is neat when you connect with other families that have kids the same ages!