Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation Traveling Day 1 & 2

Slight 2 hour delay on our trek to Colorado caused by a dead battery that did NOT want to be replaced.

No left plenty of time for entertaining ourselves...

Okay, this sweet, sweet girl is my Cousin Alyx. She is quite the teenager, if I say so myself. We invited her on an all expense paid trip with our quiet, well mannered, well behaved, always a dull moment family. ANd, of course she accepted because we SOOO fit that profile...NOT!!! Actually, she chose on her own to push back her drivers ed class and totally skip a swim meet just to join our 5 ring circus. Little did she realize that we would be breaking the law before even leaving the state of Oklahoma! LEt's just say that when you do have to pull off the side of the road to deliver a much needed spanking to a screeching, kicking, spitting walrus that you can in fact get back on going the same direction. Because if you don't there might NOT be an exit for another 10 miles and you might have to convince your never before broken the law nor had a cavity husband to turn around at the police turn arounds that are clearly marked DO NOT TURN AROUND. He, of course, donned a bad attitude and peeled out with a slight touch of spousal frustration. I, of course, just explained to him that if we did get pulled over that the police officer just might let us off because I am pretty sure that most of those people in prison needed a few more spankings or at least he could give us an idea to know what to do with that walrus.

Anyways, back to Alyx. She was a trooper. She with stood us dragging her around and letting the kid's jump all over her. She gave piggy back rides and helped without us having to ask. Here is a picture of her with all of her "I love Alyx, " "I miss you," & "Ping Me" stickers that were strategically placed all over each item of clothing in her suitcase by her loving brother. She didn't find the humor or love in it, but we sure thought is was hilarious!
The kid's favorite person
Daddy singing the boys to sleep
Alyx saying prayers with Landice

We were stopping in Denver for lunch and on a whim decided to catch a Colorado Rockies Baseball game! So fun!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think you were pretty smart to take Alyx! :)