Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just one of those days

You know the kind that begin with spilled cereal and drying your crazy hair via the air conditioner in the car...

The daily battle called life...and parenthood...and womanhood...and life...sigh...

Okay, so I am not one to usually whine and complain too much, well who am I kidding, I complain too much, but that is not going to stop me from this blog post.

Joshua's day ended at midnight last night and began this morning at 4:50am this morning. He is nuts I tell ya! He is helping a guy out with his business on the side and trying not to let it interfere too much with family life. YEah, right! Anyways, I am trying to be as supportive as I can and let him do this. He doesn't ask to go out with the guys and if all the guy wants to do with his extra, extra time is to help someone out and make a few extra bucks then so be it!

So, Joshua goes to a meeting at 5:30 AM and comes back a quickly as he can so he can feed the kid's breakfast. Okay, enter my guilt because my alarm is set for 8:30 am because I don't have to be at work until 10. But, wait a minute, he is choosing to do this extra stuff, so why do I feel guilty! Maybe because he comes in to rub my back before I wake up. Maybe because he is doing way more than I would if I was doing "extra stuff." Who knows?!

So, he goes to work and I drag my sluggish body out of bed. The one that has barely worked out in a week and has stuffed itself with all kinds of chocolate and decadent things while on vacation. Surprisingly the scale has been nice to me, because I don't think I could have handled tipping the scales too!

I am welcomed by an, "oops! Mom, I spilt my milk and cereal all over myself, the counter, the chair, the brick lining the wall under the cabinet, and the floor" and an, "oh yeah! Hayden is in the pantry eating all the pretzels!" Needless to say, I was not thrilled or excited to be awake.

I clean up the mess, Hayden and I battle over who will win the "Pretzel War" and he obviously looses and ends up in a timeout. Thankfully, he stayed in timeout to avoid the next level of discipline. So, I am content to finish cleaning up messes and change out the never ending pile of "Mount WashMore."

Just when the little guys timeout is over, I find him sprawled out on the tile floor. I tell him that he can come out of timeout and his reply was, "I seeping (sleeping)!" Oh boy! When did my not yet 2 year old learn how to talk like a teenager?!

I get the kid's dressed, make beds, while folding a quick load of laundry I find HAyden squirting Windex on the family pictures. When I tell him that is a "no-no" and clean it up he tells me, "Der oo go, tank u." Translation: There you go, thank you! As if he was only helping out in the whole scheme of things.

Thankfully, even though I didn't get up in time to spend time reading my Bible, God has granted me some kind of "free-be patience card" that has not run out yet. So, I go take a quick shower...

It is time to load up so we can turn in our utility bill for proof of residence, so that Corban can attend Pre-K this year! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as this is all new territory. I want to get it right so that we can have a good first time experience. I want to make sure that I don't miss something. Yesterday, I came too early to turn in the paperwork (with all three kids) and they told me to come back later or tomorrow. I am not starting off too great! But, we shall persevere!

Why is it that when it is "go time" that everything seems to fall apart or go missing? Corban's shoes are knotted, Hayden needs a drink, Landice can't seem to find a reason to complain today, and actually gets into her carseat and buckles herself. No complaints there. I had to wrestle Hayden into his car seat and listen to him scream while I tied Corban's shoes.

During this event, I start to sweat A LOT and got a little bit frustrated and admitted to Corban that I was struggling to have a good morning. He said, "It's okay Mom, you will get better, but you really need to not sweat!" I told him that I couldn't really help it because I am always busy taking care of you guys. He replied, "Well, you need to do a better job taking care of your kid's..." Uh, What?! Excuse me?! I go into a very unnecesary tirade about how everything I have done this morning was for them. I very dumbly asked, "What do you mean I need to do a better job of taking care of you kid's?" He said very pitifully, "I just mean that you didn't let us watch any t.v...." Ooooh boy! I was not a happy momma. I very calmly asked, "Corban, are you the boss?" He replied, "No, you are!" I said, "I'm glad that you can still remember that and now you are grounded from the t.v. for the rest of today for talking to me that way. Now, go get in the car.

I get in the car, back up, close garage door. Hayden continues on his tirade. I put it in park and march around the car. As I do this, Hayden knows what is coming next and starts yelling, "No, pankin, no pankin!!!" I unbuckle him and lay him on my chest and just hug him real tight. I them tell him that I will put him back in his car seat and he will NOT give me any more trouble or he will get what he has been asking for. Wow! It actually worked. Thankfully, by this point I don't think I had any more patience left.

It is now too late to stop by the school and take all three kid's out again to drop off the paperwork. It will have to wait until later. Deadline is noon. No problem. I will go train my two clients: one at 10-11am and the other 11-11:30am. No stress at all. BTW, it can't be turned in any later either! AHHH!!!

As I drive to work, I use the highest level of A/C to air dry my hair on the way. I get weird looks and I ignore them because I know that I am not the only Mom that has air dried their hair just so they can get to work on time...right?!

I love work. Work is seamlessly easy compared to parenting. I got a break from my reality and was able to help someone out. I feel better. My 11 gets her schedule mixed up and is a no show. This works to my advantage so I am able to get to the school without rushing or feeling stressed anymore.

All this said, I am not in control and I do the best with what I can. I will be kind to myself and be patient with my kid's. I will not let this day get me down! I will not feel guilty for resting and I am not going to compare myself to anyone other than Jesus. I will survive...I hope:)!


Samantha said...

I'm glad that you also have bad days like me because it reminds me that I am a normal mummy just trying to get through the day. I'm sorry that you are having a good day however you will make it and your kids will go to sleep tonight confident that they have an amazing mummy that is always there for them.

Alyssa said...

I have had several mornings like that. And it seems like no matter what I do to prepare the night before, we still have crazy mornings. Hope your day got better.

Heidi said...

Have a good day!!!