Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BK & Pre-K

Here are some pics from last Sunday's BK group. We love getting together for BK. It is a great time to visit and enjoy a meal with some of our friends from our Bible Class. It was at the Myers house this last time and Ashley offered to to pay each one of the kid's $0.50 to pull out 4 sunflowers. The kid's tugged and tugged and got a few. Corban just kept going until he was worn out! I was proud of him for not giving up too soon. He has been acting a little more mature these days, which is so nice to see some growth. This morning before school Corban showed us 2 pushups in the middle of the kitchen floor. I have to say that they were pretty solid ones too! His Dad asked who taught him that and he said a kid on the play ground did. Hmmm...never mind the fact that his Mom does those in the living room about 3 times a week, but oh well.

I told Corban today before school that after lunch I was going to get my hair done and that he was going to play at a friends house. As soon as I picked him up from school he asked, "Mom, are you going to have your hair surgery?"

Later today, Corban asked Landice if she would play "Tag-your-it" and she said, "No!". He replied with, "Fine. You just gave me a broken heart!"

A friend of mine and I both have our younger kid's in the same Day School. Even though our oldest kid's go to a different Pre-K, we have worked out a trade out so we can have one day a week to ourselves. Here are some of the activities that we did this week:

Here is Ady and Corban playing a game with their sight words. Each kid had their own colors and they would place them on the word I would call out for them. "But" was a word that we worked on that day and Ady said, "That's "but!" I know "buts" really good!" Haha! So of course, I couldn't help but laugh which led to them saying "but" every time they didn't know one of the words.
I picked up some preschool paper so they could practice their Letters of the week. This week they were doing an Apple unit and practicing upper case and lower case A. Corban came home from school asking for us to have an apple tree.
Fun times with oreos after all that hard work.

Side note: I have freaked out twice this week over little things. I freaked out over forgetting to send an apple to school with Corban. So, I immediately plugged everything into his calendar so I would not forget again. WEll, today is picture day and it totally slipped my mine. . I am pretty sure he was sent to school in a t-shirt and his hair not combed. I would like to blame it on the fact that he was almost late to school because Landice and I were having differences of opinion and attitudes, but in reality I just plain forgot. I know I will look back and think that this is totally silly to get stressed about, but I guess I freak because I think I will forget some BIG stuff too. I had a good long run and chat with God and turned some stuff over to him and I know he will see us through! Blessings on your day!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

There is a lot to keep up with once your kid starts school! Give yourself a break - the teacher will always have a couple extras or someone else will send several items for those who forget :)