Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Someone I have never met, but I want to someday...

This gal I am about to describe to you came across my blog through a friend on mine's blog(they are related...I won't go into the details about that). I don't quite remember how long ago this was, but I was very struck by her encouragement. I added her instantly to my blog roll so that I could keep up with her. What I have been most intrigued about is this gal does not whine like I do about my rough days and she does not brag about how well she does things. Instead, she offers great words of wisdom, tons of encouragement, and truly inspires me to be a better child of God. She does share with us how proud she is of her boys and how close knit her family is through Christ. Everyone's journey is full of ups and downs, mountains and valleys. I am sure she probably has many days like I do and could complain about it too, but I am thankful for her words of encouragement and for her faith. She has been an example to me even though we have yet to meet. Check her out and you will not be disappointed...Thanks, Amy!!!


Amy said...

You are so sweet. You made me cry and I am so unworthy of your kind words, but thank you. I hope we do get to meet someday! That would be SO fun! By the way, your exercise attitude and encouragement has gotten me out to workout everyday now for over a week! Thanks friend. Wish we lived close so I could come to a class or two. Blessings on your day and I am thankful for blog friends like you that are "walking the walk and talking the talk",and that we all get encouragement from each other to keep heading toward heaven together. What a blessing.