Friday, September 10, 2010

Stuff said by the kid's to get me back in the mood to blog...

Corban: (choking because he just took water up the nose while he was drinking from his new lightning McQueen cup that his Gigi gave to him)

Me & Joshua: Are you okay? Did you just take water up the nose? That's not good...
Corban: (still coughing a bit) No, it's not bad to take water up the's actually good. Did you know that it helps you grow?!

Landice: Daddy, AstroBoy has jets on his butt and I don't want to be like Astro Boy and have jets on MY butt.
Joshua: (Laughing too hard to correct her from saying the word "butt")

While at the mall, Hayden falls out of the van and I attempt to catch his face with my foot. I succeeded in cushioning the fall, but his nose did start to bleed. For the remainder of this torturous trip Hayden succeeded in throwing knockdown, drag-out fits which caused his nose to bleed each time. I was THAT parent holding their child during a raging fit and had to glaze my eyes over to shield the ugly looks I was getting. I am pretty immune to any and all beings that want to test my patience with their unsolicited comments and looks.

While I was using the bathroom today, Landice informed me that there would be a helper to come. That helper turned the lights off and flicked on their Cinderella wand to help me see better. I was not aware that I needed a faint glow to help me go potty, but there you have it!

Lately, Corban has been getting his mouth sprayed with Back Talk spray (Tarragon Vinegar...yuck!). He is slowly getting use to the fact that he will not get to use his words to be ugly to us and it has been quite interesting. He starts off by sqwunching his face up in all distorted ways and inhumane noises exude from his body, some that resemble a dying seal even. He finally gets that he will open his mouth for the spray or more corporal punishment will be delivered as well as the spray. Once the bitter taste sinks in, he asks for a drink, but none is given. However, he is told that he needs to think about the bitterness he tastes because when he uses his words to say ugly things they don't make God very happy.

Joshua found Corban hiding in the hall closet sneaking the last of the chicken nuggets. When Joshua asked him why he did it he replied, "I think I lost my mind."

Hayden is still yelling, "NEVER!!!" at the top of his lungs while backing up as fast as he can when he knows he is in trouble.

Hayden would not get off the practice soccer field in our back yard last night despite our attempts. Instead he would throw his half-naked self onto the grass and waller around a bit. It was just easier to let him get trampled to let him learn. Natural Consequences...Good luck, buddy!

Landice is very much super picky about what she wants to wear and how she wants her hair fixed. She doesn't like wearing bows anymore. She will wear a head band, a pony tail, a pony tail with a straight braid, two braids, one long pony tail, on top pony tail, two pony tails, giraffe horns, and lastly and her most favorite - stringy and in her face with food stuck in it.

The kid's fight in the car over who is going to sing the "Hips & Lips" song Corban was taught in his Pre-K class.

Hayden has been interested in helping "clean" him after a poopy. He also thinks it is fun to sit on his little potty and say, "I go pah-yee, I go pah-yee."

Questions Landice was asked for her Day School class:

What is your favorite color? Pink
What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate with sprinklers and M & M's
What is your favorite pizza topping? Cheeser
What is your favorite thing to play with? My friend, Karli
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Clean my room with her and cook
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Play games
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Christian and cook dinner when I'm taller.

Corban: What if a chicken crossed the muddy mud puddle?
Me: What?
Corban: It would fall off the bridge into the muddy muddy puddle...hahaha!

Corban: What if a cat crossed the road and it got ran over a train and it wanted to get across the road to get to his eggs that were by a cabin and he got trapped by a train trapper chicken?


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SuzSpeaks said...

how funny! We use "naughty juice" - water and vinegar! Thankfully we haven't needed it for a while, but I found a small spray container at Sally and carried it in my purse!

rebeckaoneal said...

One of our cutomers at the shop I work at does sassy spray for her boys it is red wine vinegar and she lives by it. on another note I love the comments your kids make I wish I would write down all the things mine say...the kids at the shop are pretty cute to..miss seeing your smiling face at church on sunday mornings...