Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st trip to the Dentist & Parent Teacher Conference

Yesterday, I took Corban and Landice to see Dr. Wilguess for the first time. They did GREAT! I thought that Corban would do pretty well because remembers having to sit in my lap when I went to the orthodontist a few years back. Plus, his Tito is a dentist as well. Landice is typically more reserved when approaching new things, but she did great too!

Dr. Wilguess and Diane his dental assistant were phenomenal with the kid's. They explained things and demonstrated things before they did them. They had fun names like "MR. Thirsty" and "Mr. Sunshine" for the suction hose and the overhead light. All things that made the kid's very comfortable.

Both kid's got great check ups, but were also sent home with some homework. Corban's homework is more for us than him. We have to floss his teeth every night because his teeth are so crowded. Landice's homework is to stop sucking her thumb before she turns 4. Her palate is shaping to her thumb and is also weakening the muscles in her cheeks and upper lip causing her upper teeth to narrow as well. Translation = tons of moolah and painful orthodontic work down the road to fix it if we don't get her to stop sucking her thumb.

If you live in Edmond and are unhappy or looking for a great family dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Dan Wilguess at Family Dental Designs. He truly cares for the patient, not just the treatment.

On to the parent teacher conference. I am not sure what I expected, but I sure know what I was hoping to hear. I was hoping to hear that my child is respectful and kind and he is at least on par for his age. We were very proud to hear that Corban is doing exceptionally well. Ms. Metzger says that he is "kind, respectful, plays well with a broad range of friends, is above average for his age AND is a typical 5 year old boy who likes to get into little tussles." Whew! What a relief to get such a great report.

I am thankful for his teachers and their philosophy on teaching. Their philosophy is: "We'll meet them where they are at!" Whether they need more work to catch up or more work to excel, they are willing to put forth the extra effort! I am excited to hear that Corban will be a part of the pre-readers group that will be forming just after Christmas break. I am so proud of my boy!