Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buzz and Woody

Currently, Buzz & Woody are in a time out from Mr. Hayden. Mr. Hayden doesn't seem to learn through conventional timeouts. So, Woody and Buzz are in timeout together. Upstairs in the extra bedroom nightstand drawer. Hopefully, somewhere the little guy won't look.

I happen to find the idea of Hayden's Woody & Buzz being in timeout hilarious. Being that Toy Story is all about the toys living in their own world around us. Planning, Plotting, & scheming some outlandish rescue mission. Right now I imagine that they are in the middle of scheming a getaway themselves.

Hayden has temporarily forgotten about the two of them. Let's hope he gets to see them again soon.

Or maybe not.

I find that Woody, especially, seems to cause a bit of ruckus around here. Very much like Ariel does. Woody's name seems to just make things all come out wrong when you are talking to your kid's. Not that the kid's think anything of it, but I was jokingly told the other day by another parent that they didn't appreciate me telling my son to share his "woody" with their daughter.

Sorry...but, that's just NOT funny!

After that comment, I have found myself trying not to laugh at Landice when she yells at her brother, "Get your woody out of my face." Again, Not funny. I know.

Growing up with 3 brothers can give you warped sense of humor.

I guess the saying, "You get what you deserve" is proving to be true right this moment, because as I joke about "Woody," Landice walks in telling me that Hayden just drew all over the floors.

The tile.

The grout.

Oh yeah, and on poor Henry's face.

The master of disaster himself.
I am pretty sure you can tell that my parenting style is different with each kid.

Yeah, this kid definitely gets away with a lot...can't you tell?!
I guess Buzz and Woody will have another day to plot and scheme and hopefully one can dream that little Mr. will lose his orneriness.


Amy said...

That was priceless! Never a dull moment! Blessings.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

LOL! I remember my mother putting my Chrissy doll, the doll with hair that grows, on the top of the refrigerator. It was punishment for sucking my thumb...sad but true. I think I was 5 or 6, tho!

Dee's still here if you need a break!

Gena said...

This is an awesome post with even better visuals. So funny.

the.fortes said...

Wow. I cannot believe how grown up Hayden looks! THat is just crazy! I like you having him clean up his mess. Sounds very "Love and Logic".