Tuesday, March 11, 2008

S-T-O-P Stop!!!

Approaching a stop sign, Corban decides to say "Stop" very loudly. So I engage in his conversation by saying "S-T-O-P Stop!" Well, he decides that this is not something he likes and proceeds with "No S-T-O-P Stop Mommy!"
Me: "Why not?"
Corban: "'s dangerous...and naughty...and it's not a game!"

I can see it now...Corban gets pulled over by a police officer and he lays this gem on them. I dare say he will not get out of that one!

Corban: "I want to go see Daddy."
Me: "Daddy, is at work. Do you know what Daddy does at work?"
Corban: "Yeah! He eats ice cream!"

I think I might be convinced to take a job fulltime if it had those benefits! Of course, they must have a workout time incentive built in to counter those perks!

Today, Landice woke up from her nap (throwing her gang signs) and grunting for her "Bubba!" She would peek her head around the corner to see if Corban was hiding. I am so thankful that my children at least like each other to share the occasional grunt and crash into the wall. Landice has a goose egg right in the middle of her head that looks as if she were a unicorn that was dehorned. There's even a little sign of rug burn on there and on her cute button nose. She doesn't stay down for long.

Is it sad that I will call to Landice when she is whining and crawling through the house searching for me and lay down animal crackers on the floor as if she were a puppy needing a treat? So far it satisfies...


Amy Nickerson said...

Hey Elizabeth! I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say hi! It was good to see you guys the other day at Panera. God has definitely blessed you with a beautiful family!