Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wonderful sayings from Corban...

"Daddy needs to get in the alligator(elevator)."

"Look there's a school bus! It has children."

"What's that?!" As he pats Kim Spencer's boob and then proceeds to lift up her shirt to see her baby.

"I wanna watch ingine turtles."

"Where's Jim Craig? His horse got shot. He fall down."

"I wanna walk down the ranch(ramp at the gym)."

"I want ice cream for breakfast."

"That's a whale...he's silly."

At day school on Tuesday his teacher, Miss Beth told me this story. They have a play cash register in their classroom. She said that all the kids have started to pretend alot more. So on Tuesday Corban walked up to the cash register and spoke in to the microphone saying, "Check Posit, Check Posit please." He shortly moves on to another toy and another little boy walks up to the cash register and says into the microphone "Chicken Pasta, Chicken pasta." I thought this story was a pretty cute illustration of how everything we do in life is seen, heard, processed, and immulated in some form or fashion. You just never know who is watching you!


Kelli said...

So Funny! Kaden likes the ingine turtles too.

Jake said...

Gotta love "The Man from Snowy River." I'm glad you'r raising your kids right!