Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Journey

We started our journey
So selfish you see,
Wishing and Hoping
For versions of a mini-ME.

The wait seemed long
Praying for health and growth
Secretly wishing
For perfect in both

God is good
He knows what we need
A little boy
You grow like a weed.

Patience & love
Give Him your best
And don't forget
Try to get some rest!

Our hearts are filled
With love so full
Your smile touches our soul
You don't need a "cart and bull."

Happy Birthday
You've just turned one!
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy
We're going to have another one!

Busy, Very Busy
Life zooms by
Trying to keep up with you
We wish we could fly.

Belly expands
You hug it with glee
Happily asking
"Is it for me?"

Your sister is here
Yahoo! Yippee!
"Yeah right, Mom"
"Papaw's here, so leave me be."

Red Sweet Red
Your head really glows
Where is it from?
Nobody knows.

Fitting in nicely
Our family of four
Feeling complete
Oh Wait! There's more!

Tears in my eyes
"How do you like threes?"
Honey, we'll manage
Even if I only have two knees.

Cramped & Crowded
Not enough room
We"ll sell our house
God says not so soon.

Patience, my child
Your wants vs. Your needs
All in MY time
You're sowing seeds.

Our third blessing has arrived
Precious, Perfect, & Pure
Last round of lacking sleep
We have to endure.

Diapers, Wipes,
Burp Rags Galore
How many trips
Can we make to the store?

Doctor visits, Day School
Work and Exercise
Toddlers and Tempers
Frequently Rise.

Back to those wishes
Of a little Me
Didn't really think of
What "little" eyes can see.

Little mouths repeating
Every word that we say
We tell them one thing
In return, they say "Neigh."

As challenging as each day can be
Looking to God
For guidance and peace
Makes my job's really not about me.


Michelle said...

What a beautiful poem! I loved that!What talent you have.Many blessings to your sweet family!

A2ZTur-bus said...

That was amazing! I just can't think of anything else to say. I'm literally speechless. I feel inspired to try!

Suzanne said...

Elizabeth...that is great!!!

Summer said...

Amen, I needed to hear this today...

Collin and Mariah said...

That was really a great poem and something I think every mother needs to hear from time to time. Thank you!!

Gena said...

Thank you Elizabeth. That is touching.

Alyssa said...

Love it!

Emily said...

I think I needed to hear that today.

Chellie said...

I love it!

Andrea said...

What a great poem to express what every parent feels! GREAT JOB!