Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy Random Thursday

Ran @ 7:15 - 4.75 miles - my run was a minute and a half longer than I ran the same distance on Friday. Definitely due to my diet...too much sugar these days. Gotta get some motivation to take to up a notch. Conveniently saying this while eating StarBursts.

Shower, fed kids breakfast, wrestled with kids on the living room floor, get kids sunscreened and dressed all before 10 AM.

Ashley picks Corban up for playdate and they go swimming, play in sprinkler, and make mud pies.

10:40 Make lunches & watched a Spelling Contest on ESPN...I loved did Landice.

11:45 Drop kids off at Hafer park to play with Heidi & her sister while I have lunch with Phyllis at Which Wich...Kristy, tell Alex please don't be mad that we cheated on Jimmy! Very good sandwich though!

12:45pm Pick kiddos up

2:45 pm Run errands at Kohl's & Wal-Mart to pick up party supplies and gifts while Nana & Papaw play with kids at their house during nap time.

4 pm Pick kids up, bath time, dress them in nice clothes except for Hayden...he was naked and I accidentally left his clothes at home. Real convenient atire for an 8th Grade Graduation for sure!

4:35 pm Grab Strawberries & Grapes & present for cousin Alyx's birthday/graduation celebration dinner.

5:15 pm Dinner consisted of Easy Italian Sharona, salad, bread, fruit, & delicious dip and Cake of course

6:30 pm Graduation time

7:15 Landice gave cousin Alyx flowers in front of crowd...she got lots of attention

Entire Graduation - kids wiggled and smashed older gentleman's arm with their constant movement...had to repeatedly apologize

7:40 Graduation is over and Corban manages to bust his mouth on a poll so we leave without taking pictures with Alyx. Total meltdown.

7:45 Mommy has reached her limit and gladly hands the kids over to Daddy and takes his car for a drive.

8 pm Car somehow found a StarBucks and Old Navy...a little window shopping therapy can go a long way to bringing a Tired Momma to a decent level of sanity

Today I drove the stick shift of life...tomorrow I shift into cruise control...hahah...yeah right! Ya'll have a good one!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

so your run went 90 seconds long? Give yourself a break!

Young Fam said...

Starbucks....that's a good end to a crazy day!

Kayla said...

Crazy day! If only I can hand my kids off in the evening. I've been told soon...we'll see. I don't know how single mom's do it. Maybe its all about the mindset/expectations. Why am I commenting about this? Starting to sound like a random post.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Kayla, I agree...definitely mindset and expectations. I was extremely grateful to be able to do makes me count my blessings everyday!