Friday, May 29, 2009

Santa Claus in Training & some Extras

This is how I found Corban on Wednesday after his "quiet/nap time." He had dumped all of his pillow cases and pulled out all of his blankets. He filled each with his favorite toys and assigned who he was going to give them to. He told me the red blanket was Daddy's gift, the Blue blanket was mine, the green pillow case was Jeff & Alissa's, and the kid pillow case was Luke & Amy's. I had to laugh at this because he played so quietly that I had no idea what he was doing. Later that day, we went for a walk with the Awtry's to their park and Corban insisted on delivering his gift to J & A. They weren't home, but he kept knocking and ringing their doorbell. At one point he said, "Hang on Mom, I think they are coming...I hear something." That really made me laugh. I am not sure where he came up with that because we don't stand on our neighbors porches and just listen at their doors. Funny kid!

I took Corban in to get his stitches removed on Wednesday before Bible Class. Corban was so brave. The Doctor had him hold his other hand out to keep the stitches. So, now I can scrapbook his first 7 stitches...okay, 6 because we already lost one.

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Hayden. This picture captures his spirit. Wide-eyed, adventurous, happy, very excitable, and rarin' to go!


Natalie Hudkins said...

That is the cutest story about C and the best picture of H!