Friday, September 18, 2009

A blogger friend of mine, Teresa, had a fun post called 5 words. She was given 5 words to use to describe herself. So if you want to join in, send me a comment with your email address and I will give you 5 words to play along! Here are my 5:

1. Enjoy - I enjoy reading, writing, being crafty, exercise, eating chocolate, hanging out with friends, listening to my children laugh, pedicures, massages, Blogging, naptime, a clean house, home cooked meals, cooking meals, helping others, being a personal trainer, sleeping, music, cleaning, mowing, being outdoors, being a Mom, spending time with Joshua, did I mention chocolate?

2. Frusteration - I feel frustrated after cleaning the house and it being messed up within 5 minutes, if I am running late to work, when the kid's disobey, totally forgetting something at the grocery store, and when I am unable to get in a workout.

3. Weather - Whether it rains or pours, I can't change it so I don't worry about it. Tornadoes I worry about. When I was younger I would hate the rain because it meant I would be sporting an afro-mullet, now I just put a hat on.

4. Talk - I like to talk a lot. If you can't tell by my blog posts! I am a little concerned for Landice. Right now she sucks her thumb so we have a lot of peace and quiet. Joshua is ready to break her of that habit, me not so much!

5. Loud - We are a loud family. One of my kids favorite things to do right before bedtime is play "wrestle-fight." This makes me think of the song called, "Let's get loud!" I love playing my music a little too loud. It makes my runs feel more energized. Joshua also claims that I have a little too much fun driving his car playing loud music and killing his average miles per gallon.