Thursday, September 17, 2009

Terrific Thursday Thinkin'

I LOVED today! It rocked! I love days like today. Oh wait! I didn't know what days like today are supposed to be like until today. All three kids in school. Yoga & some Elliptical. Followed by Hobby Lobby to knock out some birthday and Christmas gifts. Shower! Ahhhh! Without worrying if someone is splashing in the toilet, climbing on the cabinet to get into my candy corn-peanut mix, or chewing on my makeup brushes. So NICE!

While Daddy was saying the prayer at dinner, Corban & Landice were playing and not listening. So, Daddy asked them what he had prayed for. Landice replied,"For God to feel better." Corban replied,"I don't know Dad. I just couldn't pay attention."

After Hayden gets done eating we have to literally loosen the buckles because his tummy is so big.

I figured out tonight that when the kid's are whining about me picking out the book to read at bedtime if I talk in a terrible accent of no origin they will laugh and get over it much quicker.

Corban is obsessed with going over to other people's houses to play. Prerequisite - you must own a "4 liter" (4 wheeler). All the kid's around here own one and he bothers me constantly with wanting one. I told him to put it on his Christmas list and there is a big possiblity that won't get one because they are expensive(and I don't want him to have one - too dangerous). His response was, "Mom, $4,000 isn't alot of money!" I replied with, "Honey, that is A LOT of money." He said, "Well, how about just $1,000?!" Oh brother!

Joshua made dinner two nights this week! Thanks for the tip Robin!

Thinking about cutting my hair short. Maybe a chin length wedged cut?! I dream of a cute short hair style...

They say that elephants help you remember things. Is it because of all the wrinkles and folds to keep reminders in?


Mariah said...

You should cut your hair!! It would be cute and take a lot less time to do!!

Natalie Hudkins said...

I am debating on if I should cut my hair short too!
So glad you had a peaceful day. :)