Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Definitely a Taboo Post

Well, folks. When it rains, it pours around here. Great day yesterday with kids in Day School until we took dinner to Nana & Papaw last night and I realized Corban had headlice. I. feel. HORRIBLE! I am so sorry to any parents my kid has been around. I am so sorry to any kid my kid has rubbed heads with or shared a helmet with my kiddo. Is your head itching yet?

I ask myself still "How can this happen?" I bathe my kids. Granted it might be with a water hose, but still. I take care of them. My house is clean. But, oh no, louses don't discriminate and if they do they particularly prey on the cleanest of clean. Discouraging, I know. So my point in blogging this very taboo subject is to help educate other parents and to maybe give some tips on what to do. WEll, maybe a lot of what NOT to do. If you are already very educated, I am sorry you have suffered this injustice.

Things you should do: Do NOT Freak out.
Obsessively check out websites like this and annoy your husband with random louse facts all the while adding a new word to your vocabulary: lousology.
Call all parents and Day School that you could have possibly infected to help prevent a breakout.

Actually, the first thing I did was FREAK OUT! Hayden had pooped his pants and we had no diapers. Fortunately, Joshua decided to go to Wal-mart to pick up diapers instead of going home. The discovery of the nasty bugs sent him right back for some NIX. FYI, their combs really stink. Look for a metal comb which you can find at a pet store instead of a pharmacy. We got home. I buzzed C's hair with a 3 out on the back porch(gathered up hair in a bag to prevent spreading and sprayed off back porch). Transported the poor guy to the tub I had already cleaned because Landice decided to poop her pants twice. In two different bathrooms. Both had to be cleaned. Sorry, off topic again. Just sharing the fun!

Washed his hair with Shampoo, then applied NIX shampoo. Let it set for 10 minutes. During that wait we realized he had a few ticks in a very unfortunate place. Poor Guy! You guys are getting a lovely picture of my family. It's okay. Your judgement will only come back to haunt you. I say this because I am getting it back 10 fold. I use to think people with lice were wrong. Ticks came from being out in the country. Use to get them all the time growing up. That's life.

10 minutes passed very painfully, but Corban is a tough kid. He actually told Joshua and I to "calm down" during one of our discussions on how to dispose of the dirty laundry. I won the common sense award with telling him that you don't place lice infested towels on a rug or else they will get in the rug. We washed the NIX out with warm water and then began the 1 1/2 hour picking process. The hair has to be damp in order to yank the suckers off. You the comb off onto a papertowel or kleenex. Wrap the kleenex up and place it in a baggie. A. lot. of. work.

This morning and throughout the day. Continued picking out dead louses. Cleaned entire house. Steam cleaned entire upstairs and will finish downstairs tonight. I am pooped. Oh yeah. The pile of laudry is up to my hips because our dryer is going kaput. Scratch that wonderful hubby climbed on roof to unclog vent...dryer is working again. This too shall pass...or so they say! Life bring on the next adventure because I with God's help will not let a pesky louse bring down my house.


RachelSoper said...

We had open coat hooks in elementary so lice was spread around at times, too. Put stuffed animals and things that can't really be washed in trash bags. Tie them up tight and leave them in for...I don't know how long, but a week ought to do it. It'll suffocate any living lice.

Natalie Hudkins said...

Holy Cow! Poor Corban. That sounds awful. I know you are clean people. Lice is just really contagious. David rolls his curly head on everything. I am shocked we haven't had an episode yet. Stay bald Drew.

Kayla said...

I'm not sure I could live in your shoes even a day! cra-zi-ness :) You should get a massage after all that is over!

Samantha said...

I'm sorry. I can understand about head lice. Both my sister and have very thick hair and when we were younger the head lice adored our hair. My Mum had a special comb that when you comb the hair it would send a tiny electical pulse that would kill the head lice. I hope that things get better.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, I am pooped after just reading about it!!!

P.S. I am planning on the MOnday 9/14 class!

Heidi said...

:( Man, make sure to remind the kids of all these little things you did for them when they get older! I hope you are having a better day!

Gena said...

I'm worn out reading this post. I'm glad you're wonderwoman and have such stamina and muscles. Days like need it. So does he have to stay home from school or anything?

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Thanks for all the sympathies...Corban stayed home from school today. They say 48 hours after all living bugs have been treated - at least that is what our day school recommended.

Kelli said...

Poor Corban and poor mom! I didn't realize how much work they where to kill!