Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love my kid's and I am thankful for how they bless me everyday!

This morning in the car on the way to the library, Corban heard a song and started into his "Grandma/Grandpa who does anything and everything under the sun better than everyone" stories. He told me that this particular song was his "favorite" and "My grandpa sang me this song when I was a baby and I sang it to him when I was 2." His stories are exhausting to say the least and I plan on making him start writing his stories down when he is able.

Landice is quite interested in body parts. Particularly the ones that we "feed our babies" with. This morning while holding her she kept flicking at me and I told her that was a private area and we don't touch. She told me,"Well, I want a pirate area too." I wanted to tell her that she is too far off from her Momma! Later, this is what I overheard while she was going to the potty and her little brother was trying to play in the potty while she was using it - "Hayden, don't do that...that's my pirate area!"

On the way home from church Joshua was making up a story about "Half of a missing map that was owned by prince & princess trolls." Landice kept interrupting and Corban kept getting mad at Landice, so Joshua decided to make it interactive. He would say something like "the trolls asked what color the sky was...Corban, can you tell the troll's what color the sky is?" Needless to say the kid's (and I) were purely entertained. The main question of the story that the two pieces of the map led Princess Landice & Prince Corban to was - "What is the most important thing Mommies & Daddies can give their children?" Corban replied, "Breakfast!"

During Bedtime Prayer with Corban tonight I asked him what his most favorite part of today was. He said, "Loving you!" Then during his prayer he asked God to not let me die. There have been lots of prayers lately about Joshua and I not dying and if we did that God would give him another good Mommy and Daddy. I just tell him that we are not promised tommorrow, but God will always take care of us. Not sure what else to tell him.

During Bedtime Prayers with Landice, Hayden always waits patiently gripping the edge of his crib. Once I am done with her, I pick him up and look forward to the biggest bear hug a toddler can give. Immediately following he points to the ceiling so I can lift him up to touch it. Weird, I know. But hey, it's our routine! I guess we will have to change routines once I can't life him up any more.


Gena said...

Thanks for more quotes. These are some of my favorite posts. Tell me you're not running outside today...

Chellie said...

I love your stories!!! I hope you can save all of these so they can read them when they get funny and cute!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Pirate area...classic!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Pirate areas? Hilarious!
That's funny about Hayden needing to touch the ceiling. That was David's routine too at that age!
Wish the kids would have had school today!