Friday, January 8, 2010

More from the Mullinses Kid's

On the way to work this morning Corban was playing his Leapster and having a bit of trouble seeing it because the screen setting was set too dark. So, I told him to turn it off and we would look at it on the way home. I had K-Love on the radio and a song with the word "Heaven" in it came on. Thus leading us into this conversation:

C: Mommy, when do we get to go to heaven?
Me: When God decides it's your time.
C: When is it going to be my time to go to heaven?
Me: I don't know, but I hope not any time soon!
C: Mommy, when I go to heaven will you be there?
Tears immediately flood my eyes and I get chocked up and barely say this:
ME: I sure hope so!!!

At lunchtime today I made the kids some sandwhiches and gave them some tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and grapes. Landice dropped one of her "potatoes"(tomatoes) on the floor and Corban too excitedly offered to help get it for her. He proceeded to get it and eat it after I specifically told him not to. He then starts bragging about eating it. So, I take two of his tomatoes off of his plate and gave them to his sister while having this conversation:

Me: You need to stop trying to trick your sister out of her tomatoes.
C: I just couldn't help it.
ME: Yes you can. You make a decision to obey and treat your sister how you would like to be treated. Do you think you would like your sister to offer to get your tomatoes and then eat it instead?
C: No...insert whining, crying, sobbing over 2 lost tomatoes instead of being remorseful for making a bad decision...I just couldn't change my mind...I just couldn't do it! Just great! We have tomato addict that's out of control!!!

While yelling from the toilet upstairs:

C: Mom, You can wipe me now!
Me: I'm coming! You know you are MORE than welcome to start trying to wipe your own bottom.
C: I will try when I get big like Daddy!
Me: Oh, really...
C: Yeah, How old is Daddy?
Me: Daddy is 30.
C: Okay, well when I am 30 I will start wiping my bottom like Daddy!

While eating a snack after naptime today, Landice wanted her own plate of blueberries instead of sharing a plate that had apples and blueberries with everyone. Corban saw the opportunity to start eating them rather quickly and Landice began to complain. I told her that if she missed out because she was throwing a fit then she would not get anymore. And, I walked away! A few minutes later Corban started whining about Landice taking all the apples. I didn't say anything. Just listened to this:

C: Hey! You took all the apples.
L: Very guiltilyHere you go. Handing him one apple slice.
C: You took all of them!
L: Oh! Yeah I did. As she pulls 3 slices out from behind her back.
The! I can't believe just stepping back and walking away allowed those to turkey's to work it out without a fight!

And last, but not least...the picture above is how I found Hayden today...


Natalie Hudkins said...

That sounds like "Siblings Without Rivalry!" I have been stepping away and letting the boys work things out and it really does work!
You have done so well to raise such healthy eaters!