Monday, February 22, 2010

My sweet red head is 3!!!

Time is flying and most of the time I wish it would slow down just a bit. As I look back to 3 years ago, two weeks before we had our sweet red head Joshua was told he may not have a job and boy were we stressed. If I have learned anything about having 3 blessings so close together and NOT so planned, is that God will provide. He will take care of us and he has a plan for us. I can't imagine my life without any of my beautiful blessings.

Here is the birthday girl with cousin Andrew and cousin Alyx. Landice does NOT like to be called anything but herself. However, today she informed me that I was to call her Alyx and she had to go to swim practice in the bathtub. SO, of course, we put on her new swim suit that her cousin Alyx's family bought for her and let her practice her swimming in our tub! I am going to take a moment to just brag a bit on Alyx. She is just a freshman, but she was the ONLY female STATE qualifier for her school as a freshman this year. That is quite an accomplishment and we are so proud of her! She is a beautiful girl inside and out and I am thankful that Landice has her to look up to!

Me and my sweet girl!

My Mom helping Landice open her gifts!

Did I mention that I would do anything for this sweet girl?! WEll, we popped in some good ol' Little Mermaid music and limbo'd & crab walked our little hearts out. Sadly, not many people joined us...hmm...

Here she is dancing away...

I love this picture of her...she does this when someone is talking to her and she will very daintily say, "Oh, me!" in a very breathy & suprised voice.

Here is the amazing cake that Katie made for us! I bet you can't tell that little brother Hayden got his grubby little hands in it before breakfast. Thankfully, he was not a Tazmanian Devil with the thing.

Katie is so amazing. Each one of the characters was made out of fondant. She carefully crafts each into a masterpiece. She is pretty unbelievable when it comes to cakes! This picture is just wrong. Landice had laid claim to Ariel's head, except this her brother got to it first. This is how I found her...too funny!

After a long week & weekend, this tired Momma crashed on the couch at 7:30 pm and did not wake up until 8 am. Then, followed it up with a 3 hour afternoon nap with Miss Landice. We are so blessed!


Kayla said...

Cute cute kiddos!

Alyssa said...

Your Landice shares her special day with my Collin. What a great day!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love your smile and energy!!!

Heidi said...

I'm glad she had fun. I love the cake Katie did!