Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Squishy Tummies - You have little bity toots - Jonah doesn't want an enema - Billie the Booger" and MANY more...

Yesterday after Landice's birthday party, Corban was affectionately patting my belly. He stood there for a moment and declard to the world, "Mommy, your tummy is squishy." Uggh....last thing I want to hear after a week of eating WAY more from the "fastfood" group. Let's review:
Tuesday night - Chick-fil-a
Thursday night - ET's BarBQ
Friday night - Red Robin
Saturday Morning - IHOP
Saturday afternoon - cake & icecream & HERSHEY's chocolate eggs
Sunday lunch - Los Arcos.

I feel so disgusting, so we had tofu stirfry for dinner! Much better!

This morning while fixing Landice's hair for church she was picking at her ear:

Me: Landice, is there something wrong your ear?
Landice: Yes!
Me: Is there something in there?
Landice: Yes, it's a booger!
Me: You have a booger in your ear?
Landice: Yes, his name is Billie...
Me: So, Billie the Booger is in your ear?
Landice: No silly! THis is Billie (points to her new little mermaid phone)! You know...Billie button!

We didn't make it to evening service tonight so after nap time, Joshua read the story of Jonah to us. This is Corban's favorite. It is ironically very appropriate for us becuase our kid's do NOT want to obey these days. During this Bible reading, Landice was talking off and on, giving kisses to everyone, and asking to change clothes a million times. Corban kept telling us he didn't want to read, but then quickly fell into his Daddy's lap. Joshua is good about asking questions during the reading to make sure they understand and are listening. At one point, he asked Landice if Jonah wanted to go to Ninevah. She very quickly said, "No, Jonah did not want an enema!"

Tonight during dinner, let's just say I had a little post birthday expressions and Joshua brought some attention to my toots. He told the kid's that I had big toots, so Corban told him that he had little bity toots, which led into Joshua trying to convince the kid's that he indeed was a man and had big toots. I am pretty sure no man wants to have little bity anythings. Yes, you are all welcome to come join us for dinner any time folks!

On top of wanting to change clothes a million times a day, Landice also like to make miserable by telling us she can't go potty by herself. We stand our ground and tell her she can and if she poops we will come help her. She will walk around for 30 minutes saying she needs to go about 50 times. We gently encourage her to take care of it. She USUALLY will finally go in there and do it before an accident occurs. However, tonight that was not the case. Joshua asked why she had an accident and she said, "I peed in my pants because I wanted to change my clothes!" Oh sister!


Dan W. said...

oh, I love the Jonah story!

Alyssa said...

Never a dull moment at your house. And it's good that you are documenting all these great stories from your kiddos. They will be mortified when they are teenagers!

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, I didn't know it was even POSSIBLE for you to eat that many times in one week!!! WOW! Jacob would be impressed! :o) LOL

Lisa said...

Ooops....that's supposed to say EAT OUT! I knew you could eat that much, just not in resturaunts! Oh boy...I better just stop talking now!