Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Uncle Seth comes to visit bringing lots of smiles...

I think it is such a blessing to have a solid family that loves each other and loves to hang around each other. I am thankful for my inlaw's and how they raised their son's to be great Christian men and handsome to boot. These guys are about as good as it gets!

Breakfast at IHOP

Playing a 4 person card game called Uker until 1 am!

Playing Xbox is a family affair!

Nothing beats a game of "Freeze out"...poor Corban was a victim to his crazy Uncle's game and his Momma's competitiveness. At least I gave him my coat to cover up with!

Free birthday burger and ice creams for Daddy & his girl at Red Robin!

I think the next two pictures are so neat because each kid is with the brother of their own birth order.

Ladies, this fella is available...and yes, he will kill me now :)!

Uncle Seth working up a sweat keeping all 3 kid's in motion!
Landice putting lip gloss on Uncle Seth!


the.fortes said...

Wow! Handsome guys!!! It's spelled Euchre (I love your spelling, though) and from what I have been told it is largely an Ohio/Michigan/Indiana game, but I am sure it is everywhere. We played it all the time in college. I think of it as Pinnochle light.:-)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet! Reminds me of the Waugh boys!

Gena said...

No kidding. Handsome guys is right. I love these pictures.

Heidi said...

Wow, those guys have really grown up. I bet Seth and his wife are ready for kids now that he got to practice with yours. :) Tell everyone hi!