Monday, June 28, 2010

A Heart/Hand Full of Hayden

A heart full of Hayden
So proud, So free
I can be big too, Mom
Just look at me

A hand full of Hayden
So stubborn, So loud
I will do it my way, Mom
And it will be in a crowd

A heart full of Hayden
So happy, so cute
Just look at my dimples, Mom
Even the ones on my birthday suit

A hand full of Hayden
So grumpy, so mad
I will scream, kick, & shout, Mom
Cause I know you will love me even when I am bad

A heart full of Hayden
So playful, so inquisitive
I make you laugh when you want to cry, Mom
Cause I open your heart and remind you it's fun to live

A hand full of Hayden
So growly, So frustrated
I only have 4 bosses though, Mom
And I have Daddy's Scowl perfected

A heart full of Hayden
So cuddly, So sweet
"I yov you, Mom"
I give the best hugs that no one can beat!


rebeckaoneal said...

too cute your so talented!! and I cant belive he is so big!!!

Gena said...

What a sweet tribute. You've got to put all of your poems in a book someday for the kids. It will be such a treasure.

Kayla said...

I agree with Gena...on another note...can you make me a garden (and water it and pull weeds out of it)??! I am so jealous!

Andrea said...

So cute for a precious guy