Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot Stuff, Banana Sausage, & Frickling Lights...more stuff from the kiddos

Corban: Well, you know I like hot gets my brain going...
Me: Hot stuff in your brain?
Corban: Yep, gets my brain going
Landice: I have hot stuff in my brain too!

Corban: Mom, did you know that oatmeal is made out of banana sausage.
(If you ask him about it, he will give you the secret recipe!)

Corban: I love you to the moon
Me: I love you to the moon and back
Corban: I love you up to God and back!

Corban: I love you when you are 30 or something...

Landice: I see the big trees and the little trees...Cause the little ones are little and the big ones are big!

We heard Landice on the back patio screaming, so we went to check it out. She shoved her hand in my face and started doing the freak out dance of "get that off of me." I recognized that dance right away for some reason...Anyway, I take a look while asking her, "what is it?" She replies with a giant wail of, "I don't knooooowwwwww!!!!" continuing the freak out dance. I take a closer look and realize it is a few pieces of grass that are tangled up in a spider empty spider web. We explain it to her and she very calmly say, "Oh" and turns and walks away.
Joshua and I sure got a kick out of that one!

Here are a few that I wrote down months ago, but I just ran across them. I may have already posted them so if I have just humor me and let me enjoy my kid's craziness one more time!

Corban: There's a frickling light.
Me: What did you say?
Corban: There's a fricking light.
Me: Say that one more time.
Corban: You know a Fricking light.
He was trying to point out a blinking like, but he called it frickling instead. It sure sounded a lot like something else.

Me: Did you guys have fun at Day school?
Landice & Corban: It's a secret.
Me: Oh, well, why is it a secret?
Corban: It's a secret. Tell your neighbor, your best friend, your closest partner. It's a secret ingredient...It's just a noffing(nothing)!

Landice: Where are you banana mooney? Mom, will you help me pull the moon out?

Landice: When I get a big giant tummy you will be the paper boy and I will be the witch...

Hayden is talking more and more these days. He can pretty much repeat anything you say to him. It is such an adorable stage. Except the part where he runs around kicking people in the shins and laughing. Except for the part where it takes three rounds for him to understand that he can't hit just because he is mad and he can't just get out of timeout and say, "No!" and he can't slap the wall when he gets a spanking after all the above. Other than that his little grin melts my heart!


the.fortes said...

LOL! Cole is where Hayden is with the hitting. Not so much the speaking, but he's coming along!:) I hear ya on the time outs and hitting, though!