Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things that make you say, "Boy Howdy"

We made a short little 24 hour trip out to Lake Eufala to visit my parents and a slew of church family friends last night. We arrived in time for a late dinner and enjoyed some visiting. The kid's slept in sleeping bags and shockingly Hayden stayed in his all night. It did move around a bit, but he managed to stay in it! Wake up call in a travel trailer comes mighty early let Joshua tell ya at 5 am. HE is a good, good man and I am a spoiled princess!

I took my running clothes with high hopes to run around a bit, but I just stayed in bed until 8 or so. While the kid's bounced all over the place and Joshua tried to keep them quiet my Dad fixed eggs, pancakes, & bacon. Goodness, I can't remember the last time I had REAL bacon! I could get use to this, but my rear end would digress. Trust me.

The rains they predicted did indeed come. Of course, they came, because they knew we were coming. It ALWAYS rains when we go to the lake. I was okay with this. The kid's still played in the water in the rain while I stood on the shore hoping (praying) I didn't have to get in. Something about going to a lake that you can't see anything in, but can smell everything in after my spoiled trip to waters that could show you the hairs on your toes and I just couldn't muster the courage to dive in so to speak. So, I opted for a return to the trailer for a great book calling my name. The kid's thoroughly loved every bit of it. They came in shivering and blue shrieking for their personal disney character towels and I just wasn't swift enough with the diaper before Hayden added to the showers inland. And when I say inland, I mean in my parents trailer. And when I say in their trailer, I mean the part with carpet. Hayden is not slowed downed by this light showering event and bounds over to the check on the pups. I think the fact that they have dogs lessons my guilt of the potty in their carpet somehow.

The kid's are dressed and I am almost to the end of my book and we decide to head into Eufala to check out the town. A must see was the "Boy Howdy" store. Think a mixture of a five and dime store and a thrift store. This place was exploding with treasures!


Heidi said...

I with you! I don't like getting in water that is all murky. Looks like the kids had a blast! Happy 4th!

Susan said...

Our kids came away with "treasures" from Boy Howdy that day too. They love that store. :-)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

oh yeah...what everyone wants...6 month old valentine chocolates...I always loved that about Gore, OK too, when we'd go to Lake Tenkiller.