Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One of those days...continued...

So after a uneventful and calm lunch, the kid's went upstairs to play while I had a few minutes on the computer to blog. Bad idea, I guess. I think that they are doing great and decide to switch things up a bit so we can end our day on a more positive note. I decide to do a tea party story time, instead of reading, then nap time, then snack time.

I make lemonade and popcorn and head upstairs, which in itself is a huge treat to have a snack upstairs. As I tell the kid's they get very excited. Then, Corban says, "Hey Landice, let's go get the OTHER snacks so we can have them too." I am confused by this until he submerges under his bed and and emerges with a bag of pretzels (those darn pretzels again! Toddler drug of choice these days), a bag of Craisins, and a bag of tomatoes!

I am so torn. I want this to be fun and the kid's had to go and be sneaky and now I had to make it not fun. I told them to follow me downstairs after trying to figure out who all was involved in this stashing of food behind the winter clothing tub. The older two had to sit on the couch while Hayden enjoyed his snack. I know that he was involved somehow, but he isn't smart enough (I think) to know to hide food from me. He is the one that will proudly showcase his misbehavior very proudly.

I told the kid's we would still read books, but there would be no snacks. So, we read books and they took their naps. While they were napping, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies along with our dinner. When I woke them up to leave for the gym, I asked Hayden if he would like a cookie. The other two immediately chimed in and said they wanted one too. I said they couldn't have snacks for two days as a reminder for them to listen and to obey Mommy and not to hide stuff from me. (We have already had this discussion about sneaking food out of the pantry and if they are hungry to ask for a snack and I will get them one.)

There was weeping and wailing. Then, there was Corban's frustrated attempt to justify. In the end, he realized that I meant business and it was futile to resist.

I came home after work and the kid's were in bed but still awake. They start calling my name and I go give them hugs and kisses. They tell me all about their time with Daddy and it is then I realize that I know I did the right thing. I will admit it is hard to be a consistent and firm parent. But, it is necessary for them to be taught early so we hopefully won't have as many battles when they are older.

I decided to finish writing this day out for myself and for others whom I know are in the same daily battle. I have my Aunt Zina to encourage me to "Stay firm" and to "Be consistent." I know that if I didn't have her help and guidance from her own experiences that I would be floundering. I try to stay up on all the parenting books and such, but they only go so far as to how to handle each situation. Love and logic is the approach we strive for, but we don't always succeed. I just have to remind myself that this is a journey and we learn as we go. Today's battle will hopefully be yesterday's success and if not then we will try, try again!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

OHHH...that is funny but you are so right!

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. That is a line from some Star Trek movie or something. Love it!

Gena said...

You are right, but only your kids would stash crasins, pretzels, and tomatoes. I would have done a cartwheel for the tomato contraband.