Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The joys that my kid's bring me are priceless...

Corban's drawing of our Family
Corban's drawing of Joshua and I...can you guess which one is which?
Things we found on a scavenger hunt last week
Here is a fall wreath that I put together a few week ago. I wanted to make on last fall, but I was to intimidated to do it. Glad I got over that!
Here are a few pictures of why my kid's no longer have their marker boards in their rooms and are grounded from the t.v. today(a.k.a. punishment for me too).

Enter "Spotted Leopard" #1

Let's not forget "Spotted Leopard" #2
You know, I think they purposely send people door to door trying to sell you something trying to convince you that THEY have a "million dollar brain" and "YOU will be the biggest blessing to them" while you are in the middle of cooking and your kid's are still awake so they can make sure you WILL in fact be a big fat sucker (or something like that) and buy a $30 magazine promoting FAMILY FUN that you will not receive for 90 days. Family Fun and million dollar brains that will be getting families off the street was not on my mind when I found this:

But at the end of the day, I will know that I at least was able to provide/allow one sweet person a blessing of some sorts. My little one's blessing was that he was able to put chap stick on all those paperclips. The small things in life that are just priceless...(insert gritted sarcastic smile & wink).