Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Day for a Day Trip to learn Safety First from my Son

Last Saturday, we decided to make a quick trip to the Carrolton, TX area to do Christmas with Joshua's mom's side of the family. Joshua's brother, Caleb, decided to ride down with us, which I was VERY thankful for. Caleb was able to keep Joshua company up front while I entertained the kid's in the back.

If you have known me for very long or have ever taken a trip that is longer than 30 minutes with me, you would know that I am pretty much worthless company. I like to catch up on my zzzz's so I surround myself with all the pillows. Oh, yeah, and read a little bit too!

The ride down was not restful, however, between "navigator" Corban, "I wanna drink" Landice, and "fuss-bucket"Hayden, I was having to dole out food, drinks and lots of "please don't ask how much longer until we are there?" We stopped at Braum's for burgers and then a gas station for water bottles so that we could buy the ones with a squeeze top and a concealing cap. The thought behind buying that type of water bottle was to hopefully deter a major spill, since we were only going down for the day and were not bringing extra clothes besides pajamas for the kid's.

The trip was going so smoothly until we were about 5 minutes away. I signed up to make green beans with pine nuts, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil and needed to pick up those items at the Albertson's by Aunt Sharon's house. After quickly running in for those few items, I climbed back into the over loaded mini-van and plopped my rear end down in the sea of pillows next to Corban in the back. I immediately stand back up squealing and realizing that I had just received a water bottle enema.

I turn towards the back of the car(which was a bad idea when two brothers are sitting in the front looking back) needless to say both Joshua and Caleb burst into hysterical laughter. Also, needless to say, I was not a happy girl. I rode the remainder of the trip leaning over the back seat with my soggy rear end swaying back and forth as we reached our final destination with Corban repeating over and over, "Mom, safety first...Mom, you should sit down and buckle up...Safety first!"

Oh brother. As we pull up, my plan was "Guys, you do NOT say anything to anyone else about this. I will ask Sharon or Gigi for a hair dryer and take care of this privately." Great speech, right?!

Wrong! I am walking like I have ridden a wet pig for 5 hours because amazingly the only place my pants were wet was down the seam of my britches and up my, get the idea.

Aunt Sharon and Joshua's mom are taking a nap when we get there, so I have to ask Aaron (who is the captain mascot for OU) to help me find a hair dryer.
He looks in each bathroom and does not find one. I spot a miniature fan and thought, "Well, I get the drying process started until the girls wake up." I turn the fan on and it breaks. Just great!

I go to the other bathroom continuing a search for the missing hair dryer and when I opened up the cabinet above the toilet a towel falls directly into the open toilet. This being an all boys household, I had Aaron do the retrieval honors with him stating, "Girl, you are just a mess...a real mess." I know he loves me:)!

By this time, my mother in-law is awake and she went and unpacked her suitcase so I could use her hair dryer. She followed me into the bathroom and started blow drying my rear end. After a few awkward moments, I turned around and said I might need Joshua's help. She insisted on continuing to help me and I finally had to tell her that I had on "special underwear," ones that can stay a bit soggy given their direct location.

With a bit of shock and hearty laugh, she gladly gave up on her efforts and left to recruit my husband's help. It took him a while to mosey on back, so I came out of the bathroom to see what the hold up was only to be greeted by Gran, who was wearing a cheshire cat grin and chuckling at my predicament. She, then, offered me a pair of her pants while she requested I pick out a pair of earrings, a pearl bracelet and green studded earrings as well. I, again, tried to ease my way out of borrowing her pants given the fact that it was my underwear that were still the main problem. Again, I embarrassingly had to explain to Joshua's grandmother that I was wearing, "special underwear." And, boy, did she ever laugh so big and said, "Girl, we are going to have to write this story down!" So, here I am doing it for everyone's entertainment!

Joshua finally shows up armed and ready to go. After an attempt to keep my clothes on to dry out, we realized it was futile. I striped down and laughed with my husband as he helped me get out. Somehow I don't think he realized what he was REALLY getting himself into by marrying me:)!

I share this with you, because I am not sure how I get into these predicaments, but they seem to follow me this time of year. I feel a bit like Lucuille Ball at times, but not near as dramatic. Last year, well, now that's a whole other story...for another day, perhaps...we'll just see how many people read this post and just maybe I will share...but, I am not too worried about that...Hope this adds a little joy to your holidays!!! Merry Christmas!!!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Glad you can laugh about it now!!!

Gena said...

Hey, you could have been wearing Granny panties. That would have been WAY wetter and have had so much more coverage. :)

Kayla said...

That is crazy! I saw bring on the other story :)

Heidi said...

hahahhaha, well you looked good through the whole mess. Josh likes life to be fun that is why he loves you! :)

April said...

That is hilarious! :)