Friday, January 7, 2011

"Ariel" and "Eric" are a Hot Topic in our House

Conversation during lunch yesterday brought on by Landice's "Ariel" doll laying on the counter top:

Landice: You don't like Ariel, Corban.
Corban: Well, I only like some parts of Ariel...
Landice: (shocked) You don't know like ALL of Ariel?!

My kid's call the Little Mermaid, "Ariel," so I was thinking that Corban was meaning that he only like the boy characters from the movie when I asked him this -

Me: Corban, what do you like about Ariel?
Corban: First, I like her shells and then I like her green tail. She has pretty hair and I like her body...
Landice: (a shocking gasp) Mom! Corban said "body!"

My kid's call their bottom their "body", but they also call their skin their "body" too. Things can get very misconstrued if you don't know these things.

Corban: You know, this part (while lifting his shirt up to rub his tummy)

Landice obviously thought he meant her bottom.

Corban: "ARiel," you need to take your mermaid clothes off.

Landice: No, she does not...she will be NAKED. She will be SCARED.

Corban: Well, she needs to get married to Eric so they can be happy and they can have a baby!

Landice: Okay, I will take off her "brawls" first.

They proceed to undress the dolls and act out a marriage and delivery of a baby.

Thankfully, it only involved two naked dolls. Oh, excuse me, half naked dolls, because they now make barbies with panties on. So, it only involved two half-naked dolls holding hands.

Whew! Who knew adding two new Christmas dolls to the play room would cause such a stir!